The Castle and Santa Caterina's chapel

The Castle and Santa Caterina's chapel
Discover the Natural Park and its historical, cultural and landscape heritage.
An excursion to the past.
It is a route of moderate difficulty, but suitable for the whole family.

From Torroella de Montgrí, we go up towards the neck of the Cross ("la Creu") along a signposted path that we can enjoy without much effort. The chapels warn us that we have reached the final section, where the climb becomes taugher and will be a little harder.

Once we arrive, the Cross is a good place to take a short break and recharge for the next section, with views of the plain and the valley.

From here, we can go to the Castle or to the hermitage of Santa Caterina.

If we go to the Castle, we follow the path that zigzags the mountain to reach the top. Once there, we can enter and climb from one of the towers to observe 360º panoramic views over the natural park and beyond, from the Gavarres to the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea beyond the Medes Islands.
Once this visit is finished, we can return to the Cross and go down to the valley, to the hermitage, or go down to Torroella de Montgrí, visiting the "Cau del Duc".

If we go to Santa Caterina, we will arrive at the hermitage square, we can visit its interior and ring the bell of the tower. A tradition that lasts, especially on the day of the "aplec".
Behind the hermitage, some barbecues have been set up to be able to make food and thus avoid making a fire in the forest. It is time to regain strength and enjoy a meal surrounded by nature.

If you need more information or you don't want to get lost, you can check how to get to the castle through Natural Local's self-guided itinerary by clicking here.