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Reception and shop

The meeting point to register before diving is at our reception/shop, located inside the Hotel Panorama, accessible from the street and from inside the hotel.
In our shop you will find diving articles of the most recognized brands and merchandise clothing of El Rei del Mar. + info


Storage and equipment transportation.

We have a place to store the diving equipment between dives, located at the parking of the hotel. This place is divided into sections to separate the material between different groups or clients that use our facilities. The wetsuits have their own storage section equiped with a showering and drying automatized system.
In this place we meet before each dive to grab the equipment and put it inside a closed truck wich already carries the tanks for the dive, after this there is a small walk to the harbour of about 5 to 10 minutes.


We have 2 boats named: Rei del Mar and Dos Martas.


It is a system that we implemented since our begining. It is a platform that allows us to lift you out of the water without any effort. In addition, once the platform reaches the height of the boat, our staff helps the divers remove their fins to improve their stability and avoid small accidents on board.


Our modern loading station is ready to fill the tanks in the least time possible.
Bottles: 7L, 10L, 12L and 15L.
We also have 12L and 15l Nitrox bottles, although prior reservation is required.