Pack Advanced + Nitrox

During the diving course you will do five adventure dives learning and practising different aspects of the diving world. After finishing the courses you will be allowed to dive up to 30m deep, and will be certified as an Enriched Air Diver ( Nitrox )
You will learn how to dive autonomously, safely and respecting the marine life.


Requirements: Minimum diving certification Open Water Diver or equivalent. Duration: Minimum 3 days Content:
5 theoretical lessons
5 sea dives
Price: 419 € Minimum age: 18 years old Availability
Pack Advanced + Nitrox Pack Advanced + Nitrox Pack Advanced + Nitrox Pack Advanced + Nitrox
Out of all the Adventure dives available there are two that must be done in order to complete the Advanced Diver course, wich are Deep diving and Underwater Navigation.

The third adventure dive will be done with an enriched air ( Nitrox ) tank.

The remaining 2 can be chosen from a variety of options, we offer: