What should you do to participate?

1. Dive in the Medes Islands with EL REI DEL MAR.

2. When you see a grouper, take a picture of the side of its head*.

* In order to facilitate the correct identification by the scientific team, try to take the photo of the right side or, preferably, of both sides.

3. Write down or memorize the following parameters:
4. Inform the STAFF of EL REI DEL MAR that you want to participate in the project.

5. Complete the form to send the observed data along with your information.

What will happen next?
The photo and data will be sent to SUBMON to be analyzed and thus be able to monitor the observed individual.
In case it is a grouper already observed, the data will be added to the previous observations.
In case it is a new grouper, the sponsorship will be formalized.

How is the data analyzed?
The pattern of spots on the head of the grouper, which is considered a reliable pattern for the identification of these fish, is analyzed

How is sponsorship formalized?
A sponsorship certificate will be issued with the chosen name.
This project has the mission of being an informative and monitoring tool for the Medes Islands groupers. Sponsorship is simply a symbolic gesture.

Sponsorships made
In this section you will be able to check where the sponsored groupers are and access the file of each one of them.