Scuba Diver

If you don´t have the time to complete the PADI Open Water Diver course but you really want to start scuba diving, the PADI Scuba Diver course is your best choice.


Know how to swim
Medical certificate
3 days
All day, morning and afternoon
From Monday to Wednesday
3 theorethical lessons
3 swimminpool practices
2 dives in the sea
Price: 249 € Minimum age: 10 years old Availability
Scuba Diver Scuba Diver
The Padi Scuba Diver is the best option for those who wants to start scuba diving but don't have the time to do the full course.

As a Padi Scuba Diver you can already go to dive internationally but with some limitations, such as maximum depth is 12m, and always acompanied by an instructor.

At any moment in the future you can Upgrade from a Padi Scuba Diver to a full Padi Open Water Diver, by completing the remaining half of the course in about 3 days.