Diving Spots | La vaca

La vaca

La Vaca is located in the Meda Gran. It is a large tunnel that crosses the island in the Punta Galera side, protected from the winds of the northern component.


La Vaca is a tunnel of great dimensions and luminosity, suitable for all the divers. There are three entrances that lead to the main tunnel from where we can see the backlight games, ideal for lovers of underwater photography.
At the exit, we continue the dive following a vertical wall that ends in a platform formed by large blocks of rock.


Inside the tunnel, we find the typical fauna of caves and low light background: bryozoans, gorgonians, red coral, other slow-growing corals, sponges, nudibranquia...
On the north face of the tunnel, the walls are full of red gorgonians and we can find moray eels and some common groupers of the place.
Seasonally, during the reproduction of the groupers, there is a spectacular concentration.