Diving Spots | Tascó Gros

Tascó Gros

The Tasco Gros is the twin islet of Carall Bernat. With its large diameter, the itinerary can be as simple as turning around the islet.


On the north side, the Tasco Gros, together with the Carall Bernat, form a vertical wall, replete with red and white gorgonians, ending on a platform. This platform, formed by large blocks of rock, creates numerous cavities that offer refuge to the fauna of the area.


It is an ideal dive to observe the gorgonians, both red and white, and the fauna that hides in them: damselfish, swallow-tailed sea perches, nudibranchs, astorpartus ... Of course, the big groupers accompany us throughout the dive.

Looking at the blue, we will find pelagic fauna: eagle rays, tunas, barracudas, dentex, sea breams...