Diving Spots | Dofí Sud

Dofí Sud

Dofí Sud is located in the Meda Petita islands, protected from the winds of northern component.


Dofí is a dive spot formed by a set of tunnels: the dolphin tunnel, the long tunnel, the cathedral and the air chamber.
The statue of a dolphin indicates the access to the Dofí tunnel from the south face where we can enter the rest of the tunnels to enjoy the games of lights and backlights. Outside, there are vertical walls that reach 40m deep, siphons and arches.


In El Dofí, due to its diversity of tunnels and branches, we can find greater slipper lobsters, swallowtail seaperchs, black umbers, scorpionfish, forkbeards and some conger that live among the multiple cavities of the tunnel. On the outer walls, coralligenous fauna inhabits: bryozoans, gorgonians and one of the most abundant colonies of red coral of the Illes Medes.