The protection measures implemented are in accordance with the protocols and recommendations of good practices issued by the main health authorities in the diving sector.
El Rei del Mar has implemented a health protocol to prevent COVID-19.

We are updating our Contingency Plan. The summary will be available soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Extract from the main points

1. Users have to fill out and sign a responsible health declaration regarding COVID-19, as well as the document of conformity and acceptance of the preventive measures applied by our diving center.

2. Whenever possible, reservations and administrative procedures will be made in advance and by electronic means. It is recommended to make the payment in advance or by card.

3. The correct use of the mask is mandatory at all times, while we are not in the water, before and after the activity. For this reason, it is necessary that everyone bring their own mask.

4. In the diving center we will have hydroalcoholic gel available to users at various points. Please use it before accessing each facility and regularly.

5. Our facilities and boats have a restricted capacity, indicated at the entrance. For this reason, it is necessary that only the people who are going to carry out the activitynon divers won't be allowed to access inside. Respect this limitation and follow the instructions of our staff.

6. We won't greet each other with physical contact. Respect the safety distance with our staff.

7. We have implemented a specific cleaning and disinfection system for both surfaces and equipment rental.

8. If you bring your own equipment, we will provide you with a plastic box, disinfected, so that you can carry all your equipment. The mask and regulator will have to be closed and protected * in a waterproof bag that you will have to bring.

* We will disinfect the low risk gear by spraying. Isolating the mask and the regulator, the pieces of the equipment in direct contact with the mucous membranes and the respiratory tract, we protect you from the possible infection or intoxication by harmful products. This material will not be treated by our staff.

9. In case you need to rent equipment, we will deliver your gear properly disinfected before each dive. After the activity, you'll have to give it back to our staff to proceed with the disinfection, following the required protocols.

10. Bring a backpack to store all your personal belongings and thus have them protected and help us keep the boat tidy. We will not be able to provide you with water, remember to bring your own bottle to stay hydrated.

Follow the instructions of our staff at all times, they will be attentive to everything you need to make your experience as pleasant as ever and enjoy some well-deserved dives.

Thank you for your collaboration.