The protection measures implemented are in accordance with the protocols and recommendations of good practices issued by the main health authorities in the diving sector.

El Rei del Mar has implemented a health protocol to prevent COVID-19.

Extract from the main points


1. The necessary tools have been enabled to make reservations and administrative procedures in advance and by electronic means. It is recommended to pay in advance or by card.

2. All staff members have received specific training and have the necessary and appropriate protections.

3. Facilities and boats have a limited capacity, indicated at the entrance. For this reason, we prioritize the entry to the divers.

4. The facilities are ventilated continuously or with the propriate periodicity.

5. In the dive center there is, available to users and staff, hydroalcoholic gel at various points. It must be used before accessing each installation and regularly.

6. The dive center has implemented a specific cleaning and disinfection system for surfaces, equipment and rental gear.

7. Signs and signage have been installed in all facilities and equipment.



1. Each user must read and accept the prevention measures of our diving center.

2. The mask must be used at all times, before and after going underwater. For this reason, each user must bring their own mask.

3. Do not come accompanied. Respect this limitation and follow the instructions of our staff.

4. We cannot greet each other with contact. Respect the safety distance with our staff and with other users in all facilities.

5. Carry a backpack to store all your personal items to keep them protected and help keep the boat tidy. We will not be able to provide you with water, remember to bring your own bottle to maintain good hydration.

6. In case of renting material, we will deliver the material properly disinfected before each dive. After the activity, you must give it to our staff to proceed with the disinfection, following the required protocols.

7. If you bring your own equipment, we will provide you with a plastic box, disinfected, so that you can carry all your material. The mask and regulator must be closed and protected * in a waterproof bag that you must carry. *

* We will disinfect the low-risk material by spraying. By isolating the mask and the regulator, the parts of the equipment in direct contact with the mucous membranes and the respiratory tract, we protect you from the possible contagion or intoxication by harmful products.

This material will not be treated by our staff.


Follow the instructions of our staff at all times, they will be attentive to everything you may need to make your experience as pleasant as ever and enjoy a well-deserved dive.

Thank you for your collaboration.



In Spain it is MANDATORY that all divers who have been diagnosed with Covid-19 present a medical certificate obtained after having passed the disease.


DAN EUROPE recommendations for Covid positives:

Divers who tested positive but were asymptomatic must wait at least 30 days from the first negative test before applying for diving authorization.

Divers who have had symptomatic Covid-19 must wait at least 30 days from the first negative test, plus another 30 days without symptoms (a total of two months) before applying for a diving authorization.

Divers who have been hospitalized with pulmonary symptoms related to Covid-19 must wait THREE months before applying for a diving authorization from a diving medicine specialist. The authorization must include complete tests of lung function, a stress test measuring peripheral oxygen saturation, as well as a high-resolution computed tomography scan of the lungs to verify a return to normal.

Divers who have been hospitalized with heart problems related to Covid-19 must wait at least THREE months before applying for a diving authorization from a diving specialist. The authorization must include a cardiac evaluation, which includes an echocardiography and a stress test to verify that cardiac function is normal.


Medical certificate for diving:

If following the above recommendations, you need to obtain a medical certificate, we recommend that you download the official medical questionnaire that you’ll find in our download area, give it to the doctor and make it sign at the last page.


If you have already been vaccinated:

DAN Europe recommends waiting 7 days after vaccination before diving again and, in case of adverse symptoms, wait a minimum of 14 days and consult a doctor.

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Medical form

Covid Declaration form

Covid protocol