Try a discover scuba diving experience

During the Discover Scuba Diving or Baptism experience you'll learn how to use the immersion equipment in shallow waters and you'll receive a quick and easy introduction to everything that is needed to explore the underwater world. You'll perform a basic knowledge practice in a swimming pool, guided and supervised every moment by an instructor. After that, once you have experimented for the first time what breathing with the autonomous equipment, you'll take a boat to perform your first lesson in open waters, in a quiet and shallow zone (between 6 and 10 meters) and you'll enjoy your first immersion during 20 minutes with an instructor by your side.
The immersion will be done in a point of the Montgrí coast declared Natural Reserve.
There's nothing like breathing underwater for the first time. After a few minutes you'll realize how easy scuba diving is.

Requisites: it is mandatory for realizing the Discover Scuba Diving to be at least 10 years old.
You will also have to fuill a simple medical form to know whether your health is good. Remember that scuba diving is a sport, and it requires a basic physical condition for its correct practice.

Summary: The baptism consists in a theoretical part to explain how the gear works, a practice session in a swimming pool and a sea immersion between 7 and 10 meters deep during 20 minutes with an instructor.

70,00€ per person, includes all the necessary gear, the boat trip, scuba diving insurance and certificate.